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Porsche Restoration Project
Porsche East London Restoration Project

Our Porsche Restoration Project is now complete


In 2013, Porsche Centre East London decided to undertake a restoration project to showcase the expertise of our Aftersales department and encourage our team to work on a more unusual Porsche model.

Bought at auction in August 2013, the car - a 2.4 litre 1972 911T coupé - had spent its life to date in California. It had a sound, solid body which was complete, but not in good condition. The engine ran, but it was clear that the entire car needed stripping back to its component parts and a professional rebuild carried out. 

Such was the enthusiasm of our Aftersales team for this restoration that much of the work was undertaken outside of normal working hours, with lunchtimes, evenings and weekends dedicated to the rebuild.

The engine and gearbox were removed first, followed by the three-month process of removing every single component from the car until it was just a shell. Every single component removed was recorded and inspected to establish what could be restored and what needed to be replaced.

A list of required replacement parts was established and ordered from the extensive range of over 52,000 Porsche Classic Genuine Parts. The only parts not available were the interior trim components which are no longer in production. We therefore decided to assign the interior refurbishment to a trimmer specialising in classic Porsches. 

The body shell went to our Porsche Recommended Body Repairer for six months to undergo a full stripping process removing all traces of paint and underseal, leaving a bare metal body. This highlighted any areas of the metalwork needing attention and the shell was restored to structural and cosmetic perfection.

Whilst the bodyworks were underway, the engine and gearbox were stripped and rebuilt. The gearbox was in very good condition, needing only some bearings and a gear before being reassembled. The engine, however, needed extensive work which included a reground crankshaft, new barrels and pistons, new camshafts, valves and rocker covers and completely rebuilt carburettors.

Eventually, the freshly painted body, finished in Bahia Red, which also had new door skins, front wings, bonnet and boot-lid, was fitted up and the rebuilding of other components commenced. One such job was the total replacement of the wiring harness and fuel lines, which took four months alone.

After three and a half years of hard work, the car was eventually started and fine-tuned. The car passed its MOT, had some hand-finishing and detailing to perfect the bodywork and interior and then set off on the road under its own power for the first time in over four years.

This restoration car is now for sale. Please contact a member of our Sales Team on 0203 2030444 or email  info@porscheeastlondon.co.uk for more information.