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The Cayenne speaks volumes


The Cayenne took the automotive world by storm back in 2002, leaving both purists and innovators wide-eyed and drawn in with a model that broke barriers, and pushed boundaries whilst emanating 70 years of sporting heritage. It was an incredibly brave move to trailblaze a future that appealed to the evolving Porsche owner and their growing needs.

Now, a couple of decades on and we have a refined second-generation driving machine that is lighter, leaner and faster. As with every Porsche, it retains its authentic sports car DNA and is the SUV of all SUVs. The Cayenne embraces the road with fine handling and first-class performance whilst making every effort to offer spatial practicality and mod-con powered comfort.

No Compromise

The standard SUV and the sleeker Coupé models come in seven additional variants; the E-Hybrid, S, GTS, Turbo, Turbo S E-Hybrid, Turbo GT and Platinum Edition - essentially depending on how high-octane you want the engine to be. With infotainment options, a larger roof rack and other add-ons you can tailor and customise to your heart’s content. Use the online configurator in Build Your Own to specify a ride that meets your desires and enjoy the room to grow without giving up that pure torque power!

A Cayenne Do Attitude

With a generous 770 litre boot space expanding to an impressive 1708 litres with folded rear seats, the Cayenne speaks volumes to the brand enthusiast and the family alike. Its can-do stance and stylish poise will elevate your drive and leave you geared for whatever the road ahead demands. Having secured additional Cayenne stock, we can offer availability from April 2023 onwards.

For more information contact our Sales Department on  0203 203 0489  or email  parts@porcheeastlondon.co.uk .