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Porsche Charging Service Guide

Porsche Charging Service Guide


Porsche Charging Service makes EV charging a seamless experience for our electric owners. A growing European network of over 500,000 charge points including rapid chargers for topping up on the go, or ‘fast’ chargers found in convenient destinations such as car parks and hotels. Recent expansion in the UK includes ChargePoint and ubitricity – the UK’s largest charging network.

All PCS chargers can be found within your Taycan’s navigation PCM system or on the My Porsche app, with no need to sign up to individual networks. PCS is included for three years with each new Taycan, and also gives you three years’ preferential rate at IONITY chargers.

IONITY is a Porsche partner, and its expanding network of ultra-rapid charging hubs can be found along major roads in the UK and across Europe.

Other charging options available include ultra-rapid Porsche turbo chargers, which can be found at many Porsche Centres nationwide.

Finally, without wishing to overload you with too much detail, Plug and Charge is also available at IONITY and Porsche turbo chargers which begins the charging process automatically without the need for the app or an RFID card. 

To find out more contact a member of our sales team on 0203 203 0489 or email  sales@porscheeastlondon.co.uk